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Informed Training has over 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry including working as an IFA, and 7 years practical hands on experience as a Financial Services System IT trainer directly with the IFA Software providers.

Financial Services Systems

CRM Systems
  • salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Microsoft

Whether you are currently re-evaluating your existing CRM processes and systems, or you have a need to either reconfigure or indeed possibly replace existing systems that may not be working for you, Informed Training can help. Including...    Zoho

  • MS Office
  • Sage Act
  • Goldmine

We design interactive, relevant training, with practical hands on exercises, using what you have learned, and put it into practical use on your systems so optimising the time you spend on training by actually where relevant “doing” at the same time.

MS Office


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CRM - We Create, Relate,

You Maximise Growth

Informed training are passionate about helping our clients, utilise CRM technology to automate their processes to reduce frustration by removing duplication which saves valuable time.

We support their teams to automate their spreadsheets, by saving time searching through numerous emails and folders, and by sharing information in one central place against the client record.

Closing pipelines and jobs down quicker. Use IT or Lose IT!

How do we share key critical information with prospective new CRM users?

  • We understand their business process and existing systems and what they are trying to achieve from a complete business solution.
  • We suggest from our 'best of breed' quality software selection, the solution that best fits their needs in the short, medium and long term.
  • We offer client specific customisation, encouraging user adoption by users contributing to the build and implementation.
  • We design a bespoke interactive training package, based on live case studies in the client’s live system, which encourages user adoption.

What rewards will you gain?

  • Automate your spreadsheets
  • One central area to work on and view client specific documents, email trails giving full transparency for all team members
  • Accurate reporting which will help improve your profitability and generate a real return on your investment in your CRM license fee payable directly to supplier, and any consultancy fees for customisation and training with your trusted partner supplier.

Are you finding your existing CRM is not working for you?

We often come across clients who have a CRM but are not using it to its full potential or not embedded it fully Company wide. This is often down to 3 common areas:

  1. The CRM has not been customised to match the Company specific business process and so users revert to their own sticky note pad or paper ways of storing information - not visible for all.
  2. Users need training; they may not have received training, are learning on the job, or  need ongoing refresher or enhanced functionality training.
  3. New users joining the organisation, or those which may have changed roles, or for example - the need to generate specific reports for analytics to the Management team.

Informed Training remedy these problems through Consultancy and Training in CRM.


We've been nominated for the following Birmingham Venus Awards: