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Informed Training has over 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry including working as an IFA, and 7 years practical hands on experience as a Financial Services System IT trainer directly with the IFA Software providers.

Financial Services Systems

CRM Systems
  • salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Microsoft

Whether you are currently re-evaluating your existing CRM processes and systems, or you have a need to either reconfigure or indeed possibly replace existing systems that may not be working for you, Informed Training can help. Including...    Zoho

  • MS Office
  • Sage Act
  • Goldmine

We design interactive, relevant training, with practical hands on exercises, using what you have learned, and put it into practical use on your systems so optimising the time you spend on training by actually where relevant “doing” at the same time.

MS Office

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We help our client’s teams work together better for the benefit of their prospects, clients, suppliers and many more relationships and jobs they need to manage. We implement from new, or help utilise existing CRM more effectively

Informed Training are Independent Customer Relationship Management Systems Specialists. We help our businesses understand better what a CRM is, establish if you need one, and if so help you decide as to the right solution for your business.

The great thing about being Independent is we are not tied to any one CRM provider, and we are not a preferred supplier with any CRM company. Being Independent also enables Informed Training to go into the market place and find out what is the right CRM solution for your needs in the short, medium and long term.  In other words it makes no difference to us which solution the client decides to go with. (Any CRM is better than no CRM at all).

Informed Training is often asked about which systems we help our clients with.

We have a general arm to help all types of companies which supports a number of systems including, Zoho CRM, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and more. We also have a Professional Services arm and specifically this includes Financial Services, Accountants and Solicitors and these systems include all of the above plus Intelligent Office, Curo, Adviser Office, Synaptic Systems and more.

Sometimes we may be required to provide support outside of our core services.  

Informed Training can rely on additional specialist support, through our trusted strategic partners as additional resources.  This ensures we can deliver the whole project to include Evaluation, Consultancy, Customisation, Data Transfer, Software Development and Training as just a few of the many services we provide to  our clients.

Companies often ask us - How will implementing CRM help our business grow? 

We document the business process which in itself is invaluable. We then map that into your chosen system so building the system to fit your Company, not the other way around. Once customised your users training will include a live case study in your live system.  This ensures it will be relevant, meaningful and twice as effective, because not only does it train the user on what buttons to press, but also trains them on what the business process is! We also ensure that each user understands the data that needs to be completed in order to generate accurate reporting - which will help to improve profitability of your Company and generate a real return on your investment.

Almost immediately you will see the benefit of all those spread sheets, word documents, email trails and more being shared in one place.  What a joy to see all the relevant information against the lead, client or supplier record, saving huge amounts, as no longer do you have to trawl through hundreds of emails trying to track items down. It no longer matters now if for example the sales person is out on site, as all records are in one central shared place. 

Although often we help clients who initially do not have a CRM we often come across Clients who have a CRM but are not using it any where near its full potential.

Again as we have mentioned, typically we find even though they have a CRM, often they are still storing valuable information in different places locally or outside of the CRM for example on  Excel spread sheets, Word documents, Outlook and much more.

Businesses not using an existing CRM is often down to 3 common  areas:

  1. The CRM has not been customised to match the correct business process and so you find existing users revert to old ways of storing information in other areas.
  2. The users either have had no training or have tried learning on the job, or they need refresher training. 
  3. There may be a situation where new users have joined the organisation, and not received training, or they have changed roles and need to use a different side of the system they are not familiar with - for example - the need to generate specific reports for the management team.

Informed Training can help by tweaking the existing customisation if required, or as often is the case, integrate your business process into your system and train the users to benefit from sticking to the correct business process, so generating accurate data and reports and helping them to be more effective and less stressed in their specific role