Judge Prevents Ex Microsoft GM From Taking Up Position At Salesforce.com

 A judge in Seattle has ruled that a former Microsoft General Manager will not be allowed to take a similar role at Salesforce.com as it would cause him to violate the non-compete agreement with the company, despite the fact that his job role would not have matched the one he had at Microsoft. The injunction entered by King County Superior Court Judge Kimberley Prochnau also in prevents form Microsoft GM Matthew Miszewski from "working in a marketing role in salesforce.com’s public or commercial sector anywhere in the world." However the judge still said it is possible for Miszewski to find a job within Salesforce.com that doesn't violate the non-compete clause. She continued "He was a major evangelist for Microsoft — he was not a low-level salesperson." She added that the “thrust of the order is to preclude him from being the evangelist for Salesforce.com that he was for Microsoft.”
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