New Bodhi Linux System to include Synaptic Package Manager

The developers of the Bodhi Linux operating system have announced the completion of a stable version 1.0 of their new Linux distribution, having created a desktop based on the Buddhist word for Enlightenment. The developers are shipping a Linux system with as little as possible pre-installed, providing users with the Midori web browser, LXTerminal console, PCManFM file manager, the Synaptic Package Manager and the Leafpad text editor. Every other aspect of the development will be left up to the user to edit as Bodhi Linux looks to target minimum spec units. The minimum specs for the OS itself are 300 MHz i386 system with 128 MB of RAM and 1.5 GB of hard disk space. The system itself utilises a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS core and aims to release minor updates every three months in a similat fashion to Ubuntu. The user can even decide to not have one of the pre-installed programs in their buildm making the system even more minimalistic.
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