VP Talks About Integration of Social Media and Commerce

Steve Fisher, who is the executive vice president of technology at told a San Francisco audience on Tuesday that the integration of social media with commercial opportunities would be integral to the development of online business, and the introduction of cloud computing will make theis integration even easier. Fisher claims that utilising the cloud to update core systems will free business owners from spending time updating their systems, which will in turn allow them to innovate within their own business. "Every four months we are introducing major new functionality," he told the audience during a tour of offices hosted by UBS, "and they only have to check a box" to apply the upgrades to their business. has been a proponent of the move towards cloud comput ing and has been spend ing a fortune in development and integration of the technology into a more social environment. Last year it introduced Chatter, a social networking feature that is now integrated with its cloud-based suite of sales and business management software. It will look to include more business measures like these in the near future.
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