Matrix Announce Collaboration with

The Chief Executive of Matrix, Ian Beaumont, has recently commented on the collaboration between his company and, claiming that the project will provide Financial-Clarity users with access to better distribution strategies. He claims that the partnership will also provide users with more information about the amount of products being sold, thus allowing them to target specific market sectors. He says "This integration gives users an opportunity to have a single customer view within the financial services market to really help to manage and drive sales." Anthony Badaloo, principal for Hertfordshire-based Church Hill Finance, commented on t the team-up, stating "This new tie-up is interesting as Matrix is more a database and salesforce is more a customer relationship management-type solution. " It is an exciting time for the market. Coming up to the retail distribution review there might be a bit of change to the databases with exits and mergers and as firms make changes to their operations. It will be interesting to see who will end up handling all that data on IFAs."
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