Expanding Further into Japan have continued their expanded efforts to break into the Japanese market after the announcement of a series of new investments and partnerships in the country. The company have built a new data centre in conjunction with NTT Communications, which is currently in the testing stages and is planned to open in November. They have also invested in Netyear Group Corporation, who provide consulting and marketing services to Japanese businesses. has also aligned itself closely with the Ruby programming language developed by Japanese programmer Yukihiro Matsumoto. The company will aim to provide support to Matsumoto as he develops the new language, with a view to utilising it somewhere down the line. Analyst Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research "Japan's a market ripe for innovation. Most of the top Nikkei listed companies continue to run their systems on outdated mainframe applications. These applications stifle and strangle many organizations' ability to innovate. Cloud based development platforms on newer languages provide the platforms for growth and breathe new life into an otherwise staid enterprise software market."
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