Promise Australian Data Centre

The cloud computing giant has assured Australian cus tomers who are concerned that control of their data will be handed over to other jurisdictions that this will not happen and that the company will set up a local datacentre for their Australian customers. According to Salesforce chairman Marc Benioff its a case of it rather than when the datacentre will be set up, which was later confirmed in a follow-up statement from a company spokesperson who said "Marc said it is a matter of when, not if." Salesforce has been under pressure in the Australian market to develop on onshore facility for handling their Australian customers, with many having concerns about data security and safety if the data is kept in other jurisdictions. The company don't believe that the lack of a facility has not been a barrier however, stating "For the last 7 years, we have delivered success to local customers like Australian Air Express, Flight Centre Management, and FTSE from our global data centre network. With more than 92,300 customers worldwide, is one of the most trusted cloud service providers in the world today."
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