Zoho CRM Announces Integration with OneSaas

The people behind the Zoho CRM have announced that they will be integrating OneSaas into their system in an effort to simplify their cloud integration performance, specifically when it comes to integrating separate cloud-based and online software solutions. OneSaas works by integrating  CRM, eCommerce, Invoicing, Email Marketing, Event Management, Project Management and Accounting, into a simple package, with the intent of making business transactions quicker and simpler. With the integration in place, users will no longer have to custom build integrations between various Saas systems and will also be able to reduce maintenance times due to the fact that the the newly built integration will be updated on a regular basis. Thus customers utilising the new system will no longer have to worry about integrating their Zoho CRM with any other similar applications on the cloud and can instead focus on running their business while the system ensures that all data is linked up and correct.
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