Zoho Roll out Mobile Software for CRM

As of Monday the 2nd of April, Zoho will be expanding into mobile applications, distributing native Android and iPad clients for its CRM software. The company is also planning a demonstration of its iPad CRM software during an event on Monday in San Francisco. The decision to move toward mobile Apps has been determined by the fact that those types of software tend to be in the field, meeting with customers or working on various tasks The iPhone apps allow users to create project tasks as well as edit existing ones or mark them as complete. They can also use "start-stop" timing widgets to record hours they work on a job, for later inclusion in the project's overall time sheet. The Android application gives access to contacts, accounts, leads and other fields in the CRM system, which can also be edited and deleted. Both the Projects and CRM mobile clients enable offline activity, with data synchronized back up to Zoho's servers once the user reestablishes connectivity. They are also offering mobile-optimized browser-based versions of its software, which will detect the device being used and adjust the user interface accordingly. However, the native applications offer a "much faster" experience.
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