Curo CRM

Time4Advice has recently launched Its  client management software – Curo – which competes  with the  likes of Adviser Office, Intelligent Office, True Potential, to name a few.  Whilst they all have their benefits,  Curo,  boasts many features and carry benefits that its competitors do not. Firstly, it has excellent integration with MS outlook. The use of Outlook for email, tracking diary meetings, tasks and events is widespread among Advisers, Providers, Service and support companies. Because Outlook is in such high demand, Microsoft decided to build its CRM 'inside' of Outlook and because Curo is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the system supports automatic  tracking of emails, contacts, diary and appointments and even team calendaring. Curo also understands that many of its users will undoubtedly spend a great amount of time out in the field. The increase in remote working means that accessibility of data and the ability to work ‘on the move’ is considered a basic requirement by Curo. Curo’s data management is arguably unrivalled. The complete picture is clear when you combine relevant data and documents. For this reason Curo has integrated Microsoft’s collaborative document management platform, SharePoint, as Curo’s document storage utility. Another great benefit of Curo is that it is fully scalable and can support from one to many thousands of managing many millions of data items and connected records. It is therefore suitable for every style of distribution business. The capability of being able to configure  Curo --- means that user specific reports or client data fields can be added without compromising the underlying software’s architecture. One of the best features is its marketing capabilities. The marketing features enable all marketing to be tracked to individual client interactions. With the eCampaign module, the system provides you with real-time visibility of client activity which includes a client viewing your e-mail message and the actions taken in reply, including the pages viewed on your website. In conclusion, if you do indeed choose Curo, you will most certainly not regret it. This system is constantly evolving in tandem with Microsoft’s development of its Dynamics software, which means that users will be experiencing an extremely powerful, efficient and easy CRM software that is constantly adapting to the world of business.  
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