MS Dynamics CRM: Pros and Cons

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very reliable and credible; however it has split many businesses down the middle, with some being in favour of it and implementing it across the board, and others choosing instead to opt for a competitor. Here, I will weigh up some of the pros and cons of MS Dynamics that have been voiced often by its users. One of the benefits of Dynamics is that it boasts one of the most user-friendly interfaces available, with it being incredibly fast, never overwhelmingly cluttered and very reliable. This means that training up your staff to use it will in theory not take very long.   Another plus is that being a Microsoft product it is immediately compatible with any MS office product, notably Outlook, IE and Active Directory. Also, it is full of features that will allow you to get up and running straight away, rather than have to search further for upgrades and installations.   The granular security service comes part and parcel with a variety of other services, such as an integrated designer tool and query tool.         However, there are certain things that can deter people from using Dynamics. Firstly, unless you are using Microsoft products across the entire business, the organisation can become costly, and does not pay dividends immediately, and given that is optimised for compatibility with MS products, specifically outlook, performance does tend to take a slight hit. Given the sophistication of Dynamics, it automatically assumes that you have a mature sales system; the relationships, product definitions, pricing tables, invoice module and marketing manager require that all the tables are setup before everything works correctly. Most SME's don't have their services that well defined. Dynamics also stumbles slightly if you aren’t using IE (for example, Google Chrome), and any "advanced search" will require you to build a query or report, which can be time consuming. All in all, even though there are certain drawbacks, MS Dynamics has all the features you will need from a responsive, reliable and adaptable CRM.
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