Zoho Books Retrieves Bank and Credit Card Data

Zoho has announced that theya re now able to retrieve transactions automatically from users’ bank and credit card accounts and import them into the program. Prior to this, users had to manually enter the account and transaction information in Zoho Books. In order to improve this process, Zoho has integrated Yodlee, a digital financial management provider, in order to establish the automatic bank feeds in Zoho Books. Users are now able to automatically download bank and credit card transactions, match their downloaded transactions, and accept or reject them for inclusion in their reports. “Our goal with Zoho Books is to make it the must-have accounting software for every SMB,” said a Zoho representative Raju Vegesna, “That means making Zoho Books powerful yet easy to use, so they can effectively track their business financials without wasting time and effort. The new automatic bank feeds feature reinforces that efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the burden placed on the user.” Zoho Books with automatic bank feeds is available immediately. Users can sign up for a free 30-day trial and evaluate the software for their accounting needs. The subscription charge for two users is $24 monthly, and yearly subscribers get a two-month discount. Additional users can be invited in Zoho Books for $5 per user, per month.    
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