Zoho Increases Competition with Salesforce

Zoho is aiming to increase the intensity of their competition with software-as-a-service pioneer Salesforce.com in the CRM market. Zoho has recently launched a campaign named Zwitch which attempts to lure Salesforce.com CRM customers with a free 15-day trial of Zoho's own service. The company has also said that the service will provide free consultation and migration services to minimise the issues of switching over for the trial. Zwitch is part of a larger update to Zoho's CRM service. The company introduced an email subscription service on Tuesday which allows users to access and manage Zoho email contacts and conversations within the CRM service. The company hopes that the move will help establish Zoho CRM as the definitive "other" web-based CRM, according to Zoho marketing director Rodrigo Vaca. "We have taken great care to streamline the migration and ensure that users can see for themselves how Zoho CRM provides the robust functionality their business demands at prices the current financial situation requires," he said. Zoho's challenge has the potential to put Salesforce.com into the unfamiliar position of competing with a smaller upstart. Since its days as one of the first ever enterprise on-demand services, Salesforce.com's hallmark has been its aggressive and unrelenting campaigns against larger firms, such as Siebel and SAP. It is without a doubt that Salesforce has been incredibly successful, and its flagship CRM service have become industry giants completely of their own merit, logging more than $1bn (£611m) in annual revenues.    
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