Salesforce Aligns with Twitter

It seems to make perfect sense that Salesforce would align itself with Twitter as both companies strive to give their users to-the-minute updates on all developments when they happen, as they happen, which in the current business climate is quickly becoming essential for companies that rely on social technology. The plan looks to incorporate Twitter’s Firehose of public Tweets for Salesforce Radian6 customers. This powerful combination will now allow companies to analyze more than 400 million Tweets generated daily, in order to pay attention to their customers' needs, promote new company initiatives and gain customer insight. This latest effort builds on an existing three-year relationship between the two.

The alliance between Twitter and allows for companies to apply the potential of social networking and engagement. Both Salesforce and Twitter are aware that Companies look to Twitter to connect with their customers in real time about the things that matter to them, and now understands how to facilitate these interactions. Combining the power of Salesforce with Twitter will help companies that use both regularly understand and respond to their customers as developments are happening. This new business alliance will enable social enterprise companies to monitor the the huge amount of social conversations about their products, brand and industry into instant and much more personal interactions that will undoubtedly improve customer relationships. It is without a doubt that social networking technology has had a massive impact on the world of business and enterprise, particularly in the realm of CRM. This new alliance will no doubt help to improve customer relations, promote new business initiatives and act much more effectively on customer feedback.

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