Targets Government for Social CRM is now aiming to attract government organisations by improving the simplicity of the government cloud. Salesforce’s Government cloud includes their AppExchange tailored for governmental organisations, which serves as a marketplace for the public sector which will allow government bodies to find the apps they need easily. Salesforce are hoping to capitalise on the government’s obvious move to quickly adapt to the new and constantly evolving “social era”. The customized product will offer reliable and consistent multi-tenant instances of's cloud infrastructure. This approach then opens the doors for U.S. federal, state, and local agencies to implement the latest social mediums and updated technologies in compliance with Federal Information Security Management Act requirements. The AppExchange is launching with more than 60 apps selected specifically for government and public sector agencies, such as BasicGov, DocuSign, and SchoolForce. Developers are already lining up to fill the app store shelves. The Government Cloud also boasts the Salesforce Government Partner Accelerator Program, which has is aiming to train over one thousand integrators by the end of 2012. The Government Cloud is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of calendar year 2012, however, Salesforce’s AppExchange tailored for Government is ready for full utilisation now.    
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