Salesforce Acquires GoInstant

Salesforce has recently agreed to buy GoInstant as part of Salesforce's campaign to increase theircustomer-service offerings.

Reports are coming through that Salesforce have paid upwards of $70 million.

This recent deal is in fact the most recent in a series of consecutive acquisitions for Salesforce, which has been buying up new companies that have since developed social-media tools and Web-based service.

It is also the latest deal in for Salesforce in the realm of customer service. Last September, the company bought the start-up company Assistly for an estimated $50 million, and are now hoping to expand its customer-service offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. This January, reported the release of a new online help desk service named which was heavily based on Assistly's technology.

One of Salesforce's main products is a their much publicised service cloud which allows their customers to manage their call centres and customer interactions on websites and social media networks.

Another one of Salesforce's recent acquisitions is the buyout of Buddy Media for an estimated $745 million in cash and stock to broaden its social-media foundation. Buddy Media business plan was to sell tools that allowed their customers to publish their own customised online content and social-media advertising, as well as is being able to monitor and optimise how effective their marketing campaigns are.

Salesforce's recent acquisitions are part of its plan to continue expanding and continue to provide the best possible customer service available, and it is very likely that there will be more buyouts in coming months.

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