Zoho Continue to Push Apple Apps Despite Fall in Market

On the 24th of July, Apple publicly released their third fiscal quarter results. Rather predictably, the results were more impressive than fellow competitors, however the expectations of Wall Street were not met. Apple's stock has fallen by 5%, after they delivered a net income increase of 21% which amounts to a total of $8.8 billion. However, Zoho have stated that they are in now way responsible for Apples losses. In a recent press statement, Zoho highlighted the fact that they have provided an estimated 2,000 apple devices for their employees, which include tablets, phones and computers. The reason for this is because Zoho are constantly working to create software with the highest quality look, feel and usability, which include the much acclaimed Zoho CRM and the Zoho sites themselves. The Zoho team have been spurred on by recent developments in Apple technology, such as the new Retina display. The press release stated that “if you spend all of your day sitting in front of the ugly Windows UI, you’re going to feel less inspired when it comes to creating your own product. So we have upgraded most of our team to Mac.” As well as this, Zoho have been creating more and more mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad. This means that employers are able to test apps thoroughly before they are placed on the market, and give expert advice on how to improve the apps.  
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