MS Dynamics Improve Customer Trust

Microsoft have been looking to become more competitive in the CRM industry more efficiently, focusing on building a more trusting relationship with MS Dynamics users. MS dynamics recently released the Microsoft Dynamics Online Trust Center. This is in order for Microsoft to improve their services in terms of data security and customer feedback. The new CRM Online Trust centre also serves to help MS Dynamics customers fully understand the workings of what they are using, as the site offers up the information about the privacy policies, transparency of MS Dynamics and security features. The information itself is extremely high level, which Microsoft hope will result in customers being much more trusting. Microsoft also publicly registered with the Cloud Security Alliance's Security, Trust and Assurance programme. MS Dynamics Online Trust Center now becomes the third Microsoft program to register with CSA Star, the previous two being MS Office 365 and Windows Azure. This is mainly due to the phenomenon of cloud computing, which has prompted Microsoft to begin to establish their cloud services more than ever. If the current trends continue, experts speculate that by the end of the year 2016, 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will be using cloud services to hold customer's data.
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