Salesforce Announce Social Networking Tool

Salesforce have recently publicised a brand new tool which will allow companies to create social networking communities with customisable levels of exclusivity, with the overall objective being to become closer and more personal with clients and partners alike. The tool has been named Salesforce Communities, and Salesforce believe that it is fulfilling the ever growing demand for stronger customer-company connections. Salesforce Communities includes social networking features such as profiles, real-time feeds, trending topics, recommendations and influence measurement, and combines it with business information. Salesforce say that the new Salesforce Communities tool will enable businesses to build stronger, more personal relationships with customers, partners and employees through their own customised communities, which can be constructed to suit the various specific needs of the company. Salesforce Communities is guaranteeing customers that it will work to help social enterprises combine knowledge-driven, peer-assisted and agent-assisted customer service communities swiftly and efficiently, making it into one single entity. Users will also be able to adjust or create new groups based on new projects or marketing campaigns within no time at all. In terms of building partner relations, businesses will be able to edit and reconstruct their communities in order to make the sales process much less complicated, as well as connect various partners to distributors. The reason for this move to a more social network-orientated tool is due to figures showing that frequent social network users far surpass those using an e mailing system. Salesforce research also shows that nearly a quarter of all time spent online is spent on social networks like Facebook. The Salesforce Communities tool is said to be pilot tested in the fourth quarter of 2012 and will be fully available in the second half of 2013. 
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