MS Dynamics Includes Game Add-On

Social networking is now a huge part of customer relationship management. This has led to a new and rapidly growing phenomenon: gamification. Gamification is the integration of games or game mechanics into a site, service, campaign, community or application in order to increase interest and participation amongst users. Now, MS Dynamics have embraced gamification whole-heartedly with the addition of Cole’s Spark add-on. The spark add-on is a new way to distribute rewards among employees by allowing them to earn badges of achievement, acquire points, and receive their rewards on the basis of what they've earned. With Spark, badges are rewarded for meeting certain goals, such as closing a given number of sales opportunities, obtaining a certain number of leads, or successfully resolving a customer issue. Employers set the types of rewards that can be obtained by earning badges. Badges are worth points, which can used to get gift certificates. With badges, users can constructively track their progress and achievements. As well as this, badges provide a competitive edge by allowing users to compare themselves to their fellow employees. Cole said it can configure Spark to offer an incentive program that is specific to a company's needs or goals, or is aligned to existing incentive programs. The gamification of CRM systems is rapidly growing with Zurmo also announcing that the next beta version of their CRM will include elements of gamification. The trend of gamification shows no sign of slowing down, with CEO of Zurmo Ray Stoeckicht saying "the lack of intrinsic motivation to use CRM systems is a major failure in our industry."  
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