Salesforce Announce Winter ’13 Update

Salesforce have revealed what will be included in their update taking place in the final quarter of 2013.

One update Salesforce are excited about is the fact that users will be able to run opinion polls through Salesforce's Chatter app.

They also stated that the Communities tool will be available in a pilot form.

Salesforce are also introducing software for developers, one of which being Canvas Framework.

Also available in pilot form, Salesforce say it "enables you to easily integrate a third-party application in Salesforce," according to the notes.

As far as phones and tablets are concerned the update, known as Winter '13, will be available for iPads only.

Developers will also be given a Mobile software development kit, with which they will be able to create both applications intended originally for mobile phones as well as ones that were made using with HTML5.

According to Salesforce, the hybrid applications will "use a JavaScript bridge in a native container to merge the portability of HTML5 with native device capabilities, such as the camera or address book”.

However, Salesforce are set to remove the google sidetalk bar, due to Googles constant changing of its infrastructure.

The update has been heavily publicised by Salesforce ahead of their annual San Francisco conference, where the update will no doubt be a topic of much discussion.

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