Salesforce Withdraws Application, the global and ever expanding computing and CRM company, have revealed that earlier this week that they are withdrawing their applications for trademarking the term “social enterprise”. Ever since 2010 Salesforce has been greatly advocating the term “social enterprise”, which would describe the way in which social and mobile cloud technologies are making it easier for companies to bridge the gap between them and their customers, as well as their partners and employees. Earlier this year, Salesforce attempted to trademark this term, however members of the social sector were against the idea, concerned that it would cause confusion around the actual definition of the term. They defined social enterprise as organisations that use advertising campaigns and commercial strategies in order to improve humanitarian issues such as health, poverty and the welfare of the environment. This has prompted Salesforce to hold regular discussions with a number of these parties, who are expressing concern. Upon listening to their opinions and feedback, Salesforce has since decided to withdraw its application. Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce commented on the withdrawal, saying: “It was never our intention to create confusion in the social sector which we have supported since our founding,” As a result of the feedback we received, has decided to withdraw its efforts to trademark the term social enterprise and plans to discontinue its use in our marketing.”
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