Annual Dreamforce Conference Huge Hit

Salesforce’s annual San Francisco conference did not fail to wow spectators with new introductions in the various fields its involved in, such as cloud, social and mobile. This year's Dreamforce, the 10th Annual installment, saw Salesforce’s registration grow by a stunning 96% with 90,000 registrants and more than 100,000 watching live via streaming on Facebook. Salesforce also debuted their new Touch Platform, which allows writers to write applications and apply them to several types of devices rather than having to rewrite the same application several times. Salesforce also introduced the new Salesforce Identity, which provides users with a single sign-on that offers what Salesforce are calling a Facebook-like Identity. It allows for a single sign-on that can be utilized across multiple cloud-based apps, which then gets rid of the need to sign on to various platforms and also enables users to push data to apps across various platforms in one single feed. There's also the new Chatter Communities for Partners for connecting companies with their distributors, resellers, suppliers and others for securing deals, gaining access to sales tools and utilizing experts. The new Marketing Cloud makes it easy for customers to keep track of social networking accountsand campaigns such as Faceboook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn in real time with real time updates. It provides the ability to create and deploy social content using more than 50 applications, build social networking communities based on both customers and partners alike, create social campaigns and keep track of their progress. This year’s Annual Dreamforce conference has made history in the world of CRM, and all are looking to how Salesforce’s new editions will help their customers until they are no doubt upgraded by next year.
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