Zoho Integrate Zoho Mail

Zoho have recently announced their integration of their email hosting service Zoho mail with Zoho Sites, the company’s easy-to-use web building software. This now means that users of Zoho sites can use the integrated user interface to set up and manage email accounts for their individual domains.   This is a huge bonus to the already stellar Zoho Sites, which allows users to create professional top quality sites within a very short amount of time, and now with the integration of Zoho Mail integration users can now manage email hosting for their domains. Some Key features are:
  • Domain Registration – Users are able to manage multiple domains after purchasing them. After verifying or registering your domain, the Zoho mail integration will be available, with the capacity for multiple aliases.
  • User Management – Options have now been improved to import users from a file or through LDAP and assign roles to each user within the console.
  • Group Management – The Zoho Site central control console allows users to start and manage groups.
  • Secured Access – Security settings have been upgraded to allow users to add several trusted and verified IP addresses in order to gain access to their business accounts.
  The Zoho mail integration is currently available, and if you are purchasing Zoho Sites for the first time, Zoho mail will be pre-integrated.  
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