MS Dynamics CRM Update Announced

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will receive a system software update, announced just after Microsoft Dynamics CRM business posted its 33rd consecutive quarter of growth. According to Microsoft, the new update re-imagines the way sales, customer service and marketing professionals apply CRM practically. The update will see MS Dynamics phase out their usual data-centric basis and replace with an updated strategy which will simplify the CRM system, as well as ¬†visually guide users through their business processes. Microsoft also says that the update will provide a more authentic and personal experience, due to the addition of role-specific interfaces for each user. The user specific experiences will ask the user questions as well as offer guidance in order to make a tailor made version of MS Dynamics just for them. Microsoft is also increasing emphasis on social media with MS Dynamics CRM with its Yammer and Skype tools. Using Yammer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can regularly talk to and collaborate with anybody within their company, as well as clients and third party clients. Meanwhile, improved Skype integration provides users with the ability to have direct interactions with customers. MS Dynamics CRM users will be able to open chats or voice calls directly from the MS Dynamics interface. The last thing Microsoft included with the update is new browser support for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for Windows PCs, as well as Firefox and Apple Safari running on Mac systems.  
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