Microsoft Announce MS Dynamics for Retail Industry

Microsoft has recently announced a new version of MS Dynamics specifically tailor made for the retail industry, with new capabilities and intuitive new technology that will allow members of the retail industry to provide their customers with a complete shopping experience through an incredibly thorough search-based e-commerce, next-generation point of sale and an authentic omnichannel commerce engine. Microsoft Dynamics for Retail delivers the future of omnichannel customer engagement with fresh innovations in various realms, such as: • Revolutionary e-commerce. Microsoft have now revolutionised e-commerce for all aspects of the retail industry, as retailers can now provide customers with a swifter and more consistent experience as well as making the operation as a whole more efficient for themselves, based on brand new search technology. • Brand new commerce engine. Many retailers who are currently trying to manage various channels for their customers will find that their systems are ultimately impractical due to outdated technology requiring them to give it far too much attention in order to achieve the desired results. However, MS dynamics have proudly announced their omnichannel engine which allows retailers to fully manage all their channels easily and accurately in real time. This will result in retailers ultimately becoming more in synch with their customers, as the omnichannel will allow them to monitor and regulate every aspect of retail; from browsing to final sales all can be managed in real time. This will prove to be an invaluable tool for retailers, as they will be able to monitor customer behaviour and capitalise  on current customer trends, reduce complexity and reduce time and costs.  
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