Salesforce Announce New Mobile Services

Salesforce announced earlier this week that they are increasing their focus on their already stellar mobile services, and the new software will be developed specifically for users of mobile devices and smartphones. The software in question is a mobile service cloud that enables users to chat, access communities, and co-browsing capabilities for Apple and Android devices, including the Amazon Kindle. The service cloud will act as Salesforce’s main platform for customer service, communities and social media. The version developed specifically for mobile devices will allow Salesforce users to create more mobile options for their own customers. Salesforce have also announced that this development will be the first of several mobile-specific announcements that the company will soon make. Although the service cloud did indeed have mobile capabilities, the updated features are specifically designed to enhance the mobile experience for customers, as well as reshape the company’s mobile portfolio in the ever growing mobile market. Salesforce have also updated the co-browsing capabilities, which will now allow their customer service representatives to guide customers through shared browser-related actions whenever they have a query, such as setting up a new account, thus eliminating the need to download new software. The new Communities feature effectively centralises the mobile portal for customers, meaning that customers now have only one destination to find solutions to any problems or queries, be it from Salesforce representatives or fellow users. Since the update, Salesforce have revealed that they currently have an estimated company customers, such as GE and NJ Transit. Salesforce, in support of the new releases, have commissioned third party research into their mobile and cloud service. The research has revealed that Service Cloud has resulted in an average 37 percent decrease in the time it takes to find solutions and a 36 percent decrease in costs, as well as a 34 percent increase in customer satisfaction.    
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