Benioff Talks Customer Service

CEO of Marc Benioff was recently interviewed in Las Vegas by MediaLink CEO and chairman Michael Kassan about Marketing in the Cloud, an area in which Salesforce have been expanding. It is no secret that consumer technology is at the front of the minds of the Salesforce team, as Benioff explained. Benioff pointed out that virtually every single electronic communication device was connected to the cloud, which justifies Salesforce’s current obsession with cloud technology. Expanding his statement, Benioff explain that a large number of companies partake in what he calls social media stalking. However, this meansthat they are unable to tell whether or not those social customers are either physical or virtual, meaning that the company will unfortunately have a very limited understanding. The overall aim for Salesforce and Benioff is to put more emphasis on pro-active technology. For example, if a cloud-connected electrical device breaks down, somebody from the customer service team that developed the device will call the owner, informing them of the problem and assisting them in finding a resolution. Customer service can also provide a great benefit as a marketing tool, when problems about a brand could easily get solved by the brand. This will lead to the customer paying back that investment by sharing the enthusiasm via social networking sites. Salesforce are also making forays into the area of incorporating industrial technology into the cloud along with consumers themselves. In Benioff’s own words, he is at present “trying to get across” to customers by bringing them closer to the actual organisation, which also includes developers and the companies themselves. Salesforce aims to help consumers understand that an enterprise's technology will no longer be partially hidden by a firewall, meaning that in order for companies to successfully retain faithful customers, as well as increase the reputation of their brand and awareness of the brand’s industry, they must now be pro-active with customer service.  
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