Salesforce Launch Social Ad Application

Salesforce is further expanding its presence in social media with brand new advertising app, which will connect a business’ social advertising with the CRM system they have in place. The new app, called, lets advertisers power ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter using real-time customer data in combination with social listening data. The new app has been added to Salesforce’s multimedia cloud service, which also includes a social listening application and a publishing application. Salesforce are confident that the new tool will allow businesses to reach their customers in new more effective ways, as well as see a much more significant return in terms of money spent on advertising. Salesforce have also stated that social advertising is creating a new opportunity to reach a huge number of consumers along with an unprecedented opportunity for targeting. They have also realised that social media is potentially a massive publicity tool for any enterprise. Money spent on social advertising worldwide is expected to go from $4.7 billion in 2012 to $11 billion in 2017, as well as a projected 64% of advertisers increasing spending on social media advertising in 2013. The new social app will allow businesses to create, test and launch social media campaigns easily. Companies can also take advantage of Twitter and Facebook in order to identify the best possible demographic. also provides a way to track and analyze metrics over time with live campaign monitoring and real-time feedback on social ad performance around particular goals. Marketers can also adjust the amount of money spent on advertising by predefining rules to make real-time adjustments. is generally available today, whilst the data and real-time social listening capabilities will be readily available by summer 2013.  
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