Government Agecies Recieve MS Dynamics Award

MS Dynamics prides itself on making sure that customers feel valuedand appreciated. It is for this reason they offer their Dynamic Customer Excellence Award. This award is offered each year to Microsoft Dynamics customers that most effectively use technology to transform their organizations. This year the award went to government agencies. The main use of MS Dynamics within government agencies is to reduce costs, however many agencies are realising the CRM system’s capabilities of allowing them to comply with Executive Order 13571. That order calls for agencies to embrace technologies to more efficiently provide citizen services. Microsoft said federal leaders are turning to the platform in place of expensive legacy systems in an effort to modernize their infrastructures and streamline operations. For example, the Department of Veteran Affairs used Dynamics CRM to completely revamp and modernise the Veterans Benefits Administration National Call Centres and its Pension Call Centres. The government agencies were then able to use MS Dynamics to integrate access into 13 different databases. Prior to the use of MS Dynamics, the databases would have had to be accessed individually, whereas now they are available for access simultaneously. The air force was also mentioned, as they are using the CRM system to broadcast military technology through air, space and cyberspace. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps the Air Force create, monitor and further improve their efficiency in terms of mission planning, event management and visitor access and to offer more efficient access to personnel records, resulting in improved mission execution. Microsoft has other Dynamics CRM federal customers, including the Office of the Secretary of Defence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all military departments and the Unified Combatant Commands. These federal agencies use Microsoft Dynamics solutions for intelligence gathering, mission planning, operations, workforce management, onboarding, correspondence and targeted outreach, task management, and more.  
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