MS Dynamics and Revlon

MS Dynamics has recently been receiving a great amount of praise in the wake of Revlon announcing pleasing fiscal results, as Revlon was able to garner millions of dollars in savings by consolidating its worldwide  resource planning with the help of MS Dynamics. CIO of Revlon David Giambruno said Microsoft Dynamics has allowed them to view the company with more of an insight, which enables them to exceed consumer expectations, as well as build loyalty. Giambruno was particularly pleased with MSS Dynamics. His responsibilities, such as  he is supplying Revlon's COO, CFO, CEO, and chief scientist with the information they need, were instrumental to the growth Revlon have experienced. Microsoft Dynamics has allowed Revlon to streamline their processes, as they recently integrated 21 different enterprises into one. The result of this is that Revlon have been able to put every Revlon employee on one global system. Giambruno called it a whole new dimension for Revlon. Through Revlon's internal cloud, information can be made readily available across Revlon systems across the world. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Revlon is using Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Business Intelligence. SharePoint has become what Revlon now use to broadcast company updates. With this system in place, users can self-define their own reporting and they can publish their own reports with key performance indicators to the mobile device. According to Microsoft, their goal is to supply their customers with complete solutions for point-of-sale multi channel management store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain and more. This way, MS Dynamics customers will have access to all areas of information that they will require. Revlon’s budget and revenue stream has become a prime example of using MS Dynamics successfully and to its full potential. According to the CIO, two elements of MS Dynamics that are the most important factors have been finding solutions that can subtract usable information from raw data, and having systems that work effectively for Revlon's employees which will give them the information they need, as they need it.
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