Salesforce Announces New Communication Software

With its just announced Salesforce Communities module, which now enables customers to create social communities with business data and processes embedded at the core, sees an end to the era of legacy portal software The new services will now allow users of Salesforce services to create communities based on customer experiences, which can range from mobile communication apps to cars. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, General Electric, Pernod Ricard and the World Economic Forum have been announced as some of the parties that have quickly taken advantage of Salesforce’s new software. Crowd sourcing through sites such as Yelp has become increasingly popular since the turn of the decade. This combined with the constant customer engagement on social networks like Facebook and the use of mobile phones as a link to the internet, there has been a shift in the dynamic between customer and enterprise, with each expecting an entirely new experience in terms of engagement. However, until this point companies have not had access to a software that allows them to deliver an engaging and helpful customer experience. Up until now, business have had to choose between strictly transactional softwares and software that delivers social solutions, however these are ultimately disconnected from the enterprise itself. Salesforce Communities aims to bridge the gap. Powered by Salesforce Chatter, the Communities module aims to put social and mobile softwares at the epicentre of business communities. Communities is built on the platform, which makes it extensible and able to embed into any customer experience. Salesforce Communities is scheduled to be available to all companies by the summer. The price is estimated to cost roughly $500 per month.  
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