Informed Training Sixty Seconds – Ryder Cup Theme

Hopefully you're as excited about the Ryder Cup as we are, and so our latest post about what we have been up to, is a Golf 'themed' sixty seconds. We hope you enjoy!
Ryder Cup starts today and I should like to 'tee off'  by saying it has been a 'challenging course' of project deadlines this week. I have been 'driving' these projects and my team and I have completed them to 'par' on time and within budget. 'Putting' other things aside we have been able to 'chip in' and secure additional projects in  Accountancy, Financial Services, and businesses who run a sales team and have 10 employees and above. Do you or your clients feel like you are stuck in a 'bunker'. We can 'pitch' in with great support and 'iron' out any problems with your CRM customisation, implementation, user adoption or training.
If you like the themed posts check out our previous blogs for The Commonwealth Games and World Cup amongst others.
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