Exciting times for 2017 – CRM – Intelliflo launch a new API, Salesforce and Zoho have new interfaces….

We are really excited about our core best of breed including: Intelliflo is updating their solution massively – Intelligent Office, as time goes by – what do you think of their New API capabilities? We will be elaborating on this in due course, but massive and positive change of culture here. Salesforce User Interface – Lightning Experience – Have you moved over yet? If so what do you think? We think it is slicker and overall easier to use – but would love to hear about any of your favourite changes? Zoho User Interface has been out for a while. We love the new “Signals” – enables you to focus on incoming emails with a corresponding record (quality data and no spam) within your CRM – saving time sorting out all the “noise”… What do you like (or perhaps not like so much)? Watch this space as we issue hints and tips on each of the new changes. Follow us on @itinformed or please let us know your thoughts/experiences/questions below. Enjoy! :) Credit for visual to:_ Designed by Freepik
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