Last 2 intelliflo office Public Bitesize™ Training sessions of November already!

Cant believer November has almost passed us by - and almost completed the November 2021 schedule of our  "BiteSize" ™ intelliflo office training already. 

2 more sessions to go and aimed at "Planners" who have to process their own business and are looking to get their cases signed off as soon as possible. 

Thank you to all delegates who completed feedback - some of which is from new and experienced users of 4 years plus. They have found valuable takeaways they can use immediately.

If you missed our Public sessions, simply jump onto the link here to view the upcoming schedules. Decembers will be posted shortly -  bookmark this page as it is a dynamic link -

If however, you wish us to work with you on your own private bespoke agenda, just let us know by calling us on 0121 357 5944 or email us on [email protected] 

Here is a sample of some lovely feedback from delegates who joined one or more Public Bitesize ™ intelligent office Training sessions - Thank you all. 

"Clear instruction"  
"This was a very informative session and really well presented"

"I can't see anywhere for improvement. Just carry on!"

"Eileen is a fantastic trainer, really clear and concise"

"The online training format worked well".

"Eileen is very clear and patient. The objectives I had to get a better understanding were certainly met"

"Would like to be trained by Eileen again".

We do not publish private information from our training feedback quotes, for data protection purposes - unless permission is specifically given to share their details. However, we can confirm that these are validated quotes directly from delegates who have attended training either Privately or Publicly on one or more "Bitesize" session/s. If you wish to know who they are from, please do let us know, and we will ask the delegate if we can share that information with you directly.

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