IT Administrators Warned to Exercise Caution Before Signing up to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud suite

IT admins are being warned that they need to be careful when signing up to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud suite as the software doesn't have as many features as the installed features and also carries a different set of licensing terms. The cloud suite is less powerful than traditional Microsoft Office suites, with some drawbacks being that the cloud doesn't support shared folders and some Mircosoft Outlook 2003 files. More seriously, SharePoit users especially will miss out on a number of different search capabilities, including fast search. Plus the ability of the software to integrate with business intelligence software is severely hampered. "Administrators will have to do a thorough series of tests before making the move," said Rob Horwitz, research chair of analyst house Directions on Microsoft. " The web version is missing a lot of features found in full versions. Companies need to make sure they can get the functionality they need."
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