Highlight Importance of Social Networking in Cloud Computing

The increasing use of social media has caused a complete shift in the methods employed in cloud computing according to The company's chief adoption officer Polly Sumner claims that more than 22% of total internet usage is currently spent on social media websites following the news that the growth in social media surpassed email in 2009. Sumner claims that "Australia has the highest amount time spent per-capita on social networks." She also claims that Facebook was leading the pack in terms of adverts, continuing "The ramifications for business around this is it’s a new way for you to interact with your customers and reach new markets. How we access the internet and the devices that we use are also changing. It’s a fundamental shift in cloud computing. "You can be a large or small company and still benefit from cloud computing. We no longer have a scenario where small organisations can’t afford rich applications and can deliver high quality services and products."
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