TSC to Deliver Verdict on RDR This Week

The Treasury Select Committee' s report on the upcoming Retail Distribution Review (RDR) guidelines is due to be published on Saturday 16th July, according to Nick Davies, press officer for the Commons Select Committee. A number of groups have been awaiting the verdict of the report, which will aim to make recommendations to the Financial Services Authority on how best to implement the RDR based on evidence gathered during the course of interviews with ministers and current FSA members. MPs Mark Garnier and Harriet Baldwin called for facts not emotion in advisers' submissions to the TSC at PanaceaIFA.com's conference, with MP Mark Garnier said commenting "Harriet and I have had a great deal of stuff that has come through from very many IFAs across the country. "We tend to need data and facts but clearly there is a lot of emotion about that about what is happening to your community." The committee has already held a formal hearing on the RDR, during which it questioned a number of members of the FSA over the proposals.
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