Traditionally Accountancy Practices in the past have not needed CRM but now it is all changing…

Traditionally, Accountancy practices have not felt the need to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems.  However, Informed Training has been speaking to a number of accountants,  following the successful joint project where Informed Training along with Ascent Business Support provided the complete solution for our client Howarth Lynch Chartered Tax Accountants. We have been finding that a number of Accountancy practices are now looking to supplement their existing traditional accounting systems such as Sage or Iris, with Cloud based CRM, and so implementing  a streamlined business process, for not only servicing their existing clients, but attracting and tracking the business process for new clients.    These days  technology is crucial to be able to face multiple challenges in maintaining profitability, extending market penetration without adding resources and costs, and retaining tight management control to ensure targets are achieved, deadlines are met, and penalties are not incurred.   CRM will help you achieve this and more, and give you accurate reporting.  By using a Cloud based CRM, this enables shared information and joining up business processes across the organisation, providing enhanced effectiveness and productivity - a very powerful platform for profitable growth. This was truly demonstrated on the service we recently provided for Howarth Lynch.  This service included identifying and documenting work flow processes, mapping this within their Zoho CRM system, implementing , configuring and training all the users, not only on how to use the system in a uniformed  manner, but reconfirming their streamlined business process at the same time on their live Zoho CRM system. 
Alison Lynch, Managing Director BA (Hons) CTA commented " ...This is helping to ensure the success of our business, for an investment which is proving to be of great value for money.  We are already seeing the benefits of the work that they have done for us, and already we can see a real return on our investment..." To view the full testimonial please go to:
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