Treasury Select Committee Member Claims RDR Pressure is Low Priority

The Treasury select committee member Andrea Leadsom has warned IFAs who are still looking for a delay in the implementation of the RDR that they would be better off focusing their attentions elsewhere as pressure over the RDR is proving to be quite low on the FSA's list of priorities. Ms Leadsom told Money Marketing at the recent Conservative party conference that, despite hers and others' efforts to get a one year delay, it appears that the FSA are steadfast in refusing. She commented "We feel we have done as much as we can. As far as I am concerned, I think we have come as far as we can with the matter simply because we have so many really important things we need to look at. "We have given a lot of time to the RDR, we have made our recommendations and we cannot force the FSA to do what we say. It is regrettable but I suspect we will probably not pursue it." She says that IFAs who are still opposed to the RDR would do better to pick their battles, concluding "There are a huge number of things we need to do and in the end you cannot keep flogging a dead horse."
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