Former Cofunds Platform Boss Returns to Financial Services

The former Cofunds and Skandia platform boss, Brett Williams, has announced that he will be making his return to the financial services industry as part of a private equity firm. Lime Tree Investment Partners was founded by Mr Williams last year, alongside Tim Levy. Mr Levy is the founder of Future Capital Partners and they hope to use their combined experience to make the business a success. FCP partners Tim West and Neil Lewis are also part of the organisation, providing even more experience. The company's main aim is to provide support for businesses that are considered too small to be of any interest to other private equity firms who simply target large companies. The firm will mostly focus on financial services, but will also expand into other areas. Additionally they will be looking to provide information about the upcoming RDR, taking advantages of the opportunities that will arise as a result of the new regulations. "Financial services is interesting because there’s so much disruption with the retail distribution review (RDR) coming up," he commented. He also commented on the possibility of returning to his old work, stating "Never say never. It’s an interesting next stage and I can see this keeping me interested for some time and keeping busy."
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