Symantec and Salesforce Join on Security

With cloud computing continuing to put more and more focus on security, Symantec have unveiled a cloud information protection platform and a roadmap for its services. Symantec have also taken steps towards partnering with on cloud security. The new O3 Cloud Identity and Access Control offers three layers of protection for the cloud: access control, information security and information management. Companies looking to implement O3 get a single, secure access point to cloud apps and services. According to a recent survey carried out by Symantec, 44 percent of CEOs reported being cautious about moving applications to the cloud, with 76 percent mentioning security as a main concern. With the release of O3, Symantec hopes to encourage CEOs and CIOs to overcome those concerns with a security solution built to protect their business apps. Symantec O3 Cloud Identity and Access Control offers Single Sign On across any Web application, including those that don't support the federation protocols. The security software accesses an enterprise existing identity infrastructure for authentication while allowing context-based authorization, password management and federation services. O3 Cloud Identity and Access Control also comes pre-integrated with Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service so large enterprises can use existing VPN credentials to strengthen access to any cloud application. Symantec may get some fast traction with its partnership with Symantec to deliver O3 for Salesforce, which is built on,'s social-enterprise platform. When it does hit the market, Symantec O3 for Salesforce will allow customers to use their Salesforce identity to securely access all of their cloud services. O3 for Salesforce will also make possible two-factor authentication for Salesforce and other cloud applications.    
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