Microsoft Delay MS Dynamics Mobile App

Microsoft Announced in February that their CRM software will be available in the seconAlong with the announcement, Microsoft also released previews of what mobile version would offer , claiming that the cloud based mobile software will provide "a full range of rich, native CRM applications”. However since then, Microsoft have said that the software will now not be ready until the fourth quarter of 2012. Despite this, the company has provided more updates on what the software will offer upon its release.  An explanation for the delay was not given, however officials say that the company has been spending more time listening to customer feedback and opinion and have been updating the software in order to provide a more robust and reliable experience for their customers. MS also included a guide that stated that each user of MS Dynamics will be able to access the cloud-based mobile software from up to three devices, and also an an offline version will be made available at the starting price of $30 per month. Some have speculated that the delay is strategic. Theories are circulating that the delay is so the mobile version of Dynamics CRM can be properly prepared for the company's coming release of Windows 8 and its Surface tablet. Microsoft have clearly also highlighted the new mobile software's use in IT departments. Microsoft say that upon the release of the software, Administrators will have the ability to customise the customer records, forms, layout, offline synchronisation and even the navigation structure. Despite the delay, Microsoft insist that There is nothing worry about with the upcoming software, and that the proceeding six months will be used to update the software in every way possible in order to provide the highest quality mobile-based customer service available.
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