Zoho Release CRM App for Ipad Users

Zoho have publicised the release of their new CRM app solely dedicated for use on the iPad, in order to provide on-demand updates for their customers' CRM software, as well as incorporating a more concentrated version of the app which will be available for the iPhone. With the new app compatible with the iPhone and iPad, M customers will now be able to access their own customised interfaces they have set up in the online service. This lets users pick data more effectively by narrowing down the selection process. Zoho have released a set of criteria that the app will be able to carry out. These include
  • The ability for users to access their existing accounts, interact with contacts contacts, and update or edit accounts,
  • Complete control over records, including the ability to create, edit or delete records as you wish
  • Access customer information while offline, outside network coverage area;
  • Access accounts offline in order to modify accounts when necessary, which will then be automatically updated on the online systems
  • Store contacts within the offline app and call them directly, logging calls automatically
  • Export contacts to and from the online system
The app is free to download from the Apple App Store, but you must be a current paid customer of Zoho, and be subscribed to the add-on package provided by Zoho. However, Zoho are offeringa free 15 day trial before subscribing, which will feature all the aspects of the paid trial, in order for users to experience just how useful this app would be.
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