Microsoft Releases NAV 2013

Microsoft dynamics has now released MS Dynamics NAV 2013. There is much excitement about the new release due to heavy investment from Microsoft across the system, resulting in Microsoft calling it the most significant release of Microsoft NAV to date. The new software has been built under the goal to create a business achievement from Microsoft. This has resulted in the creation of software which combines enterprise resource planning capabilities for small and midsize businesses with a simple yet resourceful user interface, dynamic insight into business as well as access to Microsoft’s expansive collection of tools. Microsoft NAV 2013 has also done much to grant users with much more freedom of choice than previous iterations of the software. Increased choice on client communication, choice of browser that your staff uses to connect with NAV 2013, as well as allowing you to choose whether or not to store information in a cloud. MS have also made much progress in terms of improving the hostability of the software. This means that MS NAV 2013 now allows you to be set up and running much quicker, as well as operating a more efficient, streamlined version of MS Dynamics. It also means that performance is significantly faster. Microsoft NAV 2013 will be an invaluable CRM tool for MS users, providing fast and easy communication which surpasses the fantastic previous update.
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