Microsoft Develop Dynamics for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies now have the ability to utilise Microsoft Dynamics Cloud-based systems. Redmond is making its Microsoft Dynamics business solutions available specifically for federal government agencies. In a statement pertaining to the development, Microsoft has said they aimed to develop the cloud based system to suit the security requirements of U.S federal agencies. The applications involved help government workers collaborate, manage data, improve processes, and access actionable business intelligence while leveraging the flexibility and cost savings of cloud computing. Partnering Microsoft on the new venture are Layered Technologies. The Layered Tech environment includes a tailor made private cloud with exclusive hardware for the system, as well as an infrastructure made solely for federal agencies which will leverage increased scalability, as well as make an improvement on efficiency and reduction of the costs of cloud computing. With the launch of a Microsoft Dynamics government cloud solution, Layered Tech has since established a committee to begin enabling certified Microsoft Dynamics partners who currently have years of federal government experience to deploy the new version of Dynamics as soon as possible. Microsoft is not without competition, however, as search engine giant Google has also been developing software to cater to the growing government market with its own¬†secure¬†solutions.  
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