Dynamics Introduce New Mobile Software

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence began on Tuesday the 19th of March with a speech from Keynote speaker and Microsoft Business Solutions President Kirill Tatarinov. The conference was attended by over 11,000 people, whom Tatarinov addressed on his ideas on reshaping the way the MS Dynamics users interact with their customers, build brand relevance and collaborate with employees with Microsoft Dynamics. Tatarinov explained to the listeners how business functions can become much more effective when combined with their electronic counterparts. To this end, Tatarinov explained how Microsoft Dynamics is essentially a catalyst which will work to combine the two, at the same time announcing advancements in integrated marketing, increase in social media integration, and new cloud and mobile  software via MS Dynamics. On the very first day of the conference, Microsoft began with the introduction of a range of new applications available for mobile devices and tablets, which Microsoft say will be available with the next update of MS Dynamics AX 2012. The new applications promise to provide users with an experience more relevant to their role within their company and their respective industries, as well as help them connect with their social networks. One application that was made available immediately was the new Business Analyser application. This means that MS Dynamics can now use software specifically made to manage expenses, schedules and accounts. This will prove to be particularly helpful, as expense management will now be clearer in terms of managing expenses whilst travelling. There is also the new Time app, which works to reduce administrative hurdles and provide companies with more time to become more efficient and generate more capital. The Approvals app makes it easier for business managers to analyse and approve things such as requests, time sheets, expense reports and purchases, again with the aim of cutting down time in the administrative process. The conference has demonstrated Microsoft’s intentions to make MS Dynamics the most efficient, comprehensive and convenient CRM system on the market, and the new range of mobile and tablet products serve to further improve ease of use and organisation for its users.  
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