MS Dynamics CRM Update

Whilst MS office for the iPad seems unlikely, iPad users can now look forward to the new updated version of MS Dynamics CRM. Microsoft announced an optional update for its Dynamics CRM Online service that adds support for the iPad and Yammer. Users can log on to the application just in the same way as they would the desktop or laptop version of the system. Although Microsoft have admitted there are some exceptions, iPad users will be able to use the majority of services available for Dynamics users via their iPad. According to Microsoft, the iPad version will allow users to make quick changes and customisations; however it is not made for high volumes of work. Customised forms will always open in Mobile Express. The “Home” and “Most Recently Used” options have been removed and the navigation pane collapses when the iPad is held at a portrait view. Microsoft said customised forms would show up only in a very basic layout. Users’ client lists will still be available via the iPad, however the customisation will not be available. The process editor for sales and service forms has also been removed. Sharing records and using the form editor are no longer available, as now you will be able to edit records individually, but you won’t be able to make any adjustments in bulk. Many critics and industry experts are unsure how Microsoft is benefitting iPad users, or indeed what they are intending to provide further for iPad users. Microsoft has said that Dynamics CRM has a generic mobile browser interface, it is very limited and not suitable for constant use and should be used more as a secondary device. The Intention behind the update was not in fact with the intention of being an all-encompassing update, but rather, it aims to serve as a better immediate solution for people using Dynamics CRM Online on the iPad.  
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